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Customised business finance solutions to help you meet your contractor payroll deadlines every time.

Ensure secured business funding so employees or contractors can be paid on time
Sustainable business finance solutions for companies of all sizes
Take the hassle out of meeting payroll commitments

The smart way to pay wages

For small-to-medium sized businesses, ensuring you have funding to pay employees’ wages and contractor payroll commitments can be time consuming, labour-intensive and stressful. The last thing you need is for paying wages to drain capital from the business. 

With ScotPac, we’ll take the stress out of meeting payroll. Our experienced lending specialists have been providing businesses with working capital solutions since 1988. Armed with a comprehensive suite of business finance facilities we’ll ensure your business operates with best practice and optimised strategies. This will empower you to get back to what you do best: Serving your clients.

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Why ScotPac?

We find a way to say “yes”. We’re nimble and inventive with our funding solutions by unlocking the hidden value in your assets.

Trusted ScotPac is the largest specialist provider of working capital solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand. With over 35 years of experience, we know a thing or two about invoice finance, trade finance and asset finance, as well as home and business loans for business owners.
Fast Funding If you’re looking to improve the way your business accesses funding to pay contractors and/or wages, want to take advantage of the market, or just need access to invoice or debtor finance, make sure to turn to the team right here at ScotPac.
Flexible Finance When you choose ScotPac, you’re choosing a performance-focused business with the flexibility and know-how to offer tailored solutions. We invest in our relationships with clients to enable them to be up and running as soon as possible.

We help a range of different industries reach their full potential