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Explore a tailored working capital solution that suits you

ScotPac provides a wide range of finance and working capital solutions, so you and your business can find an easier way to manage cash flow, access funds and grow!


Propel your business with a working capital solution you can rely on

Small, medium and large businesses in all industries are dependent on sustainable, reliable cash flow to succeed. If you’re interested in growing your business or just need to fund ongoing daily operations, a financial solution that offers quickly accessible working capital is a necessity. 

ScotPac’s team of experienced lending specialists work with businesses as partners, not as clients, to ensure we can find a tailored working capital management solution to keep your organisation operating smoothly. Why not speak to your local ScotPac office today to find out what sort of cash management solutions we can offer you? 

Do you need a working capital solution?

Working capital refers to a business’s liquid financial resources that are readily available for covering everyday operational expenses. 

Cash, accounts receivable and even inventory are all things that can be considered as current assets. While short-term debt, payroll and accounts payable are all current liabilities. Your level of healthy working capital is based on the difference between the value of your current assets and liabilities. 

In other words, the more working capital you have access to, the better your ability to meet immediate financial obligations is, and the stronger your business’s financial position will be.

Do you have enough working capital?

If you’re trying to grow your business or if you’re just trying to keep your head above water, you might be wondering how much working capital you have.

Working capital can include:

  • Cash – the amount of money either in hand or in the bank.
  • Accounts receivable – the amount of money owed to a business
  • Inventory –  the value of your materials, products and manufacturing works in progress.
  • Liquid, short-term investments – the investments that can easily be converted into cash when required.
  • Prepaid expenses – the expenses made in advance and not currently due.

Growing your business with the right working capital solution

By having access to sufficient cash, you can ensure that all operational expenses are covered, suppliers are paid, inventory purchased, and employees paid. This allows you to focus on ensuring seamless growth and long-term financial sustainability. 

A business without positive working capital may not have the cash flow to meet expenses or capitalise on growth opportunities. A business with negative working capital may not have the financial resources required to maintain itself financially in the long-, medium-, and sometimes even the short-term.

Why ScotPac?

We find a way to say “yes”. We’re nimble and inventive with our funding solutions by unlocking the hidden value in your assets.

Experts in SMEs For over 35 years, ScotPac has been helping small and medium sized businesses with a variety of customised business finance solutions. From debtor finance to invoice finance, our team are specialists in ensuring our clients receive tailored solutions that work for them and their business.
Fast Funding With timely service and flexible products, we can ensure your business is up and running in as little as 48 hours. Plus, we focus on measurable business growth and view our work with clients as a relationship, not a transaction.
Tailored Solutions Whether you’re interested in exploring what sort of business finance solutions are available, or simply want a better cash flow management solution designed by specialists with the right industry know-how, make sure to contact the team here at ScotPac.

We help a range of different industries reach their full potential